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When Mahmoud Khattab first began his journey into the world of practising plastic surgery, he likely had no idea of the depth of impact that he would have on people. The CEO of Precision M.D., Mahmoud Khattab has spent the better part of the last three decades helping clients while connecting with professionals throughout the medical industry.

A graduate of the University of Damascus in 1993, Mahmoud Khattab attended and completed his medical residency at the Case Western Hospital in Cleveland, OH. Before long, Khattab was developing the business that would become Precision M.D.

Across the many years spent working in the field of plastic surgery, Khattab has focused on giving back the entire time along the way. With wide-ranging charitable endeavors and a sprawling reach to various corners of the globe, let’s take a look at the impact made by Mahmoud Khattab through active philanthropic outreach.

Finding a Cause and Fighting For It

Prior to relocating to the United States, Mahmoud Khattab spent a lot of time in the company of Syrian refugees, a plight he sees mirrored today in Ukraine.

Khattab says, “It’s very heartbreaking when you see middle-class families that have been working 20 years to build a house and, in a few seconds, everything is gone.”

For Mahmoud Khattab, finding a cause and standing behind it has been important for his work in the philanthropic field. Cementing meaning behind his work and finding reasons to give back have helped Khattab to deliver better results than ever to those around him.

The Syrian Crisis

Even though Khattab has been busy developing new locations for his work in Elk Grove, California, he has also been completely focused on current affairs and his ability to contribute to them. Khattab says, “In the last month or so because I’ve been listening to a lot of news about Ukraine, I’ve been listening to Al Jazeera.”

Long before the recent conflict in Ukraine, Khattab had been working with Syrian activists. Khattab began developing his organizing in 2011, when he began to develop relationships with activists throughout Sacramento and the Bay Area. This would lead Khattab to join the Syrian American Council, where he served as Chairman of the organization for roughly nine months.

Behind the Syrian American Alliance, Khattab would work heavily to advocate for many different forms of support for the Syrian people — including pushing for no-fly zones, better training, and armaments, as well as more support for the Syrian government and its minority populations.

Khattab believes it is important to push back against conflict and war at all times. Khattab said in an interview, “War like this will be disaster to everyone.”

Giving Back to Cancer Research

Outside of his focus on international affairs and the plight of refugees in his home country, Mahmoud Khattab is uniquely focused on supporting philanthropic outreach programs associated with cancer research. A Mahmoud Khattab Ideamensch interview revealed this nugget of truth, “There’s no better way to spend money than to help others who need it.”

While not everyone can give back extensively through financial donations, there are other ways Khattab advocates for people to get involved with philanthropy.

  • Donate Your Time — Individuals with more than just a few bucks to spare can consider donating their time to causes that they believe in. Mahmoud Khattab has donated not just his financial resources but also his time towards causes he believes in, including supporting the American Cancer Fund.
  • Donate Blood — While Mahmoud Khattab is uniquely focused on helping to raise money for cancer patients, he also understands the importance of donating today. Cancer treatments require blood or platelets. Schedule an appointment to give blood or platelets and help to save a life at the same time.
  • Donate Your Hair — Hair loss is a common side effect of cancer treatment. Donating hair can be a great way to support those struggling with their treatment. Organizations will vary based upon their hair donation guidelines, so do some research before chopping away your own hair.
  • Donate an Old Vehicle — Do you have an old vehicle clogging up your garage? Are you tired of looking at that old hunk of junk in your driveway? Donating a vehicle toward cancer research can be a great way to raise money while helping those in need.

When Khattab lost his mother to cancer, he knew that he wanted to support research into a potential cure — and that is why he began working so closely with the American Cancer Fund.

Focusing on the Future With Precision M.D.

Mahmoud Khattab continues to expand his reach and his work in the medical industry as the CEO of Precision M.D. Managing Precision M.D. involves Khattab working directly with patients and employees alike to find the services they need to look and feel their best.

Mahmoud Khattab’s Elk Grove location for Precision M.D. offers a full range of services including chemical peels and contouring as well as surgical and non-surgical services.

Khattab says of his work at Precision M.D., “I work hard to make sure they’re getting the best care. Our patients are very important to me.”

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