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Let’s explore how Mahmoud Khattab built Precision M.D. from scratch in Elk Grove, California.

Building a business From scratch

Coming over to America from the University of Damascus in Syria, Mahmoud Khattab would bring with him experience and aspirations for exceptional service in the medical field. Khattab would go on to attend Case Western Hospital in Cleveland, an institution considered one of the most prestigious medical facilities in the country.

For Khattab, pursuing a role in the medical field was important, but he wanted to focus on something special, making people happy. Khattab said in an interview, “Plastic surgery is the type of medicine that makes people happy, usually.”

When discussing the soaring success of Mahmoud Khattab’s Precision M.D., it is easy to forget how far the company has come since its inception. Mahmoud Khattab says, “I bought the equipment. I hired all the staff. I built this whole practice from scratch.”

Building the Precision M.D. that we see today was not an overnight accomplishment. According to Khattab, the journey began with a rental office and then another office, and then another. Khattab said in an interview, “We reached the point that really, we were running out of space.”

It didn’t take long for Khattab to see that his business had legs. Significant investment at the forefront of the project helped to make things clearer for all parties involved. Khattab said in a recent interview, “It was 13,000 square feet and $6 million dollars. It was very challenging for me, and it took a very long time to finish it.”

Work on the ground level

For some professionals, building a successful business is about laying down the finances before stepping away to watch the company thrive. For Mahmoud Khattab, things are much more hands-on. Khattab said in an interview with Ideamensch, “I have to manage the business during the day — it’s a very busy practice, it takes a lot of time and effort to manage it effectively.”

If developing a successful business in the medical field was easy, it seemed like more people would do it — a fact that isn’t lost on Khattab. To overcome some of the hurdles in day-to-day business, Khattab likes to stay focused on what matters the most. Khattab focuses on helping his patients until they are satisfied with their services. Khattab says, “I focus on both the patients and the employees and consider how I can make the practice better.”

Just because Khattab has made his efforts in Elk Grove look easy, it doesn’t mean that his practice has succeeded in spite of him. Khattab points out the fact that his practice brings something special, interesting, and accessible to patients while packaging it into something approachable and patient-focused. Khattab remarks, “All of that it’s a package: how to be successful in business.”

In the health care field, plastic surgery and cosmetic services are rapidly becoming more and more popular. California currently ranks as one of the top states in the country for new small businesses, right alongside New York, Florida, and Illinois.

Looking to the future

Focusing on developing a healthcare practice in California made a lot of sense to Khattab, particularly when delving into the numbers. In 2021, following the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, California held the top spot as the number-one economy in the entire nation. As a result of this, California is often used as a testing ground for newer legislation, something Khattab is painfully aware of.

Khattab points out, “California is very well known to have a lot of strict rules and regulations for practicing medicine.”

As a result of California’s stringent rules and regulations, Khattab must always remain at the top of his game. Khattab says of his old position working in a hospital, “It’s a totally different war than just working in the hospital.”

Despite his current success establishing Precision M.D., Khattab knows that he has to stay ahead of the curve for the foreseeable future to stay up-to-date with the competitive industry. As a result, Khattab is always reading and familiarizing himself with California’s latest laws and regulations, something advisable for everyone in the industry.

In establishing Precision M.D. in Elk Grove, California, Mahmoud Khattab hopes to offer an alternative to the major medical groups that have been taking over medicine throughout the state of California. Khattab said in an interview to MarketWatch, “I think it is very important to keep the private practices in practice plastic and cosmetic surgery.”

For now, Khattab will continue focusing on the patient and employee-first paradigm that has made Precision M.D. so successful. Khattab says, “If you are surrounded by the wrong people, they are going to bring you down.”

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