Engineering Growth: Mahmoud Khattab Explores Successfully Opening a New Business in Elk Grove

4 min readMay 19, 2022


Operating a successful business is, by necessity, a difficult task. The constantly changing environment created by recessions, pandemics, and crashing markets has meant that businesses need to operate more effectively than ever over the past several years. With slim margins and new tribulations seemingly arriving every day, Precision MD CEO Mahmoud Khattab decided to open up about what worked best for him.

Mahmoud Khattab has spent several decades navigating the world of plastic surgery by guiding customers to the winning solutions they need to look and feel their best. With a new location in Elk Grove, California already open, Khattab took time out of his schedule to share some cutting insights and key tips for successful businesses.

Embrace the Lifeblood of America

While the Mahmoud Khattab Elk Grove launch of Precision M.D. proved successful, success isn’t always a foregone conclusion. Operating a building of 18 to 20 people, Khattab understands just how vital small businesses are to the overall health of the economy. More importantly to him, the right employees are vital to the success of his small business.

Khattab said in a recent interview, “I feel choosing the right employees is probably 50% of being successful in business.”

Investing in your employees at the beginning can pay massive dividends later on in the trajectory of your business. In California, particularly Elk Grove, employees should be the prize of every business — not just the battery powering the machine.

In California, a state with an economy north of $2.9 trillion, a report by the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that businesses with fewer than 20 employees were primed for the strongest net job growth in the coming years. This trend follows a 2016 report revealing that sole proprietorships were the largest single business component throughout California.

Establishing Small Businesses

With an economic estimation of close to $2.9 trillion, the Californian government is reliant upon small businesses to continue engineering such high profits and growth. Small businesses like that of Precision M.D. are able to deal with the changes, adjusting to economic downturns, far better than larger corporations.

Despite the mobility and flexibility that his small business provides, Khattab understands that things aren’t always going to be rosy for the smaller businesses around. Khattab says, “There’s a big difference between working in a hospital versus having your own private practice.”

Khattab would go on to say, “There’s actually a big difference in doing that, especially in the United States, to have your own private practice in medicine.”

Khattab underlined the fact that he had to undertake every aspect of his business in its early days, from billing management to employee moderation. Khattab said in an interview, “We try to spend some good time in reviewing the applications.”

The Ebb and Flow of Change

The Mahmoud Khattab Ideamensch interview revealed several facts about his work with Precision M.D., particularly in recent years. The sprawling interview, which covered everything from Khattab’s beginnings in the field to his most present work, focused a lot on handling change.

In California, Khattab understands that regulatory changes are strict and adherence is a must. With changes almost always coming and going, it is important to set aside time to meet these challenges. Considered something of a laboratory for legislation, businesses in California need to prepare for rules to change.

Khattab said of California’s revolving door of regulatory definitions, “California is very well known to have a lot of strict rules and regulations for practicing medicine.”

Finding success at this level requires understanding the changes that arrive as well as how to react to them. As such, Khattab advocates for business leaders to begin familiarizing themselves with new laws, rules, and legislation in their corners of the market.

Meet the Needs of Your Employees

Finally, Mahmoud Khattab believes that success in small businesses is almost entirely reliant on the health and quality of their staff. We are currently living through an employee boom with competitive wages and higher-paid employees. With higher wages, companies can assume that their staff will be more engaged and productive, ready to supply their team with what they paid for.

Khattab says that pay is not the only factor that is discussed when looking for employees to staff his team. Khattab says, “Because we work in cosmetic surgery, the personality is very important to us. We need them to be very nice, very understanding, and easy to work with — a team player.”

While pay has long been a focal point in the march toward equity in the workplace, it isn’t. the only standard that matters anymore. Khattab understands that in today’s changing marketplace, it is important to meet the needs of his employees. Key factors considered by today’s burgeoning professionals include flexibility, training, growth chances, perks, and even overall company morale.

No matter what, Khattab is a firm believer that messaging is everything. Khattab said in an interview with the Sacramento News, “You have to know how to deliver the. message to the right people in a very efficient and effective way.”

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